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Katie M., Parent

We love City Kid Camp. Sent our kids last year and they loved it. They asked to go back this year. I recommend it to anyone looking for an outdoor, fun, caring environment that will absolutely tire their kids out. Evan runs it and he "gets it." I'm an educator for the school district and have worked in dozens of schools across the city. I've also enrolled my kids in numerous camps. It is clear to me that Evan understands kids, their varying needs, and the needs of parents. He is flexible while decisive, creative, and knowledgeable. He and all his awesome counselors were excited to see the kids everyday. Highly recommend it! 

Arlo, Camper

‘I recommend City Kids because you get to go to a ton of fun places. You get to play tons and tons of fun games like Dodgeball. Evan and the counselors are very nice and funny. I can’t wait to go back next year.’

Kristin G., Parent

My kids had a great time with Evan and his team at City Kid Camp.  Great outdoor time discovering the parks and city.

Jesse, Camper

“I can’t wait to go back next year because Evan and the counselors are the best counselors I ever had.”

Maria O., Parent

My daughter joined the summer camp last minute, And it turned out to be the best decision. Programs and trips were well organized. The imagination of this program took the experience to a new level. If my daughter was Still within the age group to join I would have her there every year. This is in my opinion, The best program for youth to experience Diversity and cultural humility. I highly recommend san francisco city kid camp!

Vanessa R., Parent

My name is Vanessa Rivera, a San Francisco Native, US Army Veteran and my 11year old daughter is a delighted past 'SFCityKids' Camper.    Evan, founder and Director also happens to be her uncle! That completely aside, I have a background in Child Development and can only speak from experience (literally) that this "summer program" isn't like others. It's different in its approach and creativity with its emphasis on each 'kid' while exploring and actively learning about our beautiful City and its outdoors!
As a very experienced Mommy and Educator, I completely endorse 'SFCityKids' and would highly recommend this to any family (big or small) interested in this exciting opportunity with this amazing program! Locally Grown:)

Bob F., Parent

Evan Rivera is really great with kids and runs a terrific summer camp! He is flexible with pick ups and drop offs which were challenging for us since we had camping trips all summer. His activities were spot on, playing old-school games like hide-and-seek in the park as well exploring parks around SF. I highly recommend him and this program!

Tannith P., Parent

Our daughter has spent several weeks at City Kid Camp and she is going back again this summer! She absolutely loves spending the day outside, playing lots of sports, learning about San Francisco and creating friendships that have lasted long after summer is over. As parents, we love knowing that she is in a safe and nurturing environment. Evan is a wonderful leader for the children; he's inclusive, aware of their needs and incredibly trustworthy. The staff that he hires are also great with the kids! We're so happy to have found this summer camp and are so looking forward to the memories our daughter will make there this year.

Michelle F., Parent

We absolutely love City Kids! Evan and his team do an excellent job of ensuring the kids have so much fun. The kids are safe, well cared for while also being able to explore different parts of SF. Our kids always look forward to their time with City Kids each and every summer!
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