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Meet Our Staff

Of the City, for the City

If interested in working or volunteering with City Kid Camp, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Evan Rivera-Owings

Founder, Director

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Growing up in the city I was lucky to have several caring adults who took me outdoors on a regular basis. This created a profound appreciation for life beyond my room and led me to explore the avenues beyond doorstep. I took MUNI, rode bicycles and scooters and went wherever I could as long as it was outside.

I understand that today's world is different and that youth don't have the same latchkey freedoms. This is why City Kid Camps is so important to me - to create a space for that foundational sense of freedom and exploration of home for this next generation.


After six years working with SF Rec and Parks I transitioned to a supervisor role with the Stonestown YMCA. There I collaborated with the local community and SFUSD to build year-round programming geared towards teaching active, value-based lifestyles. 

City Kid Camps is my first private venture and is the product of decades of experience as a camper and later a youth program


Alexis Boyle



Hi, my name is Alexis Boyle! I am an elementary school teacher but have been a summer camp counselor for many summers. I enjoy being active and being in the outdoors! Through my own experience and attending a variety of different types of summer camps as a kid, I quickly learned why I would always look forward to attending camp each summer. Summer camp was always so fun, special, and important to me because it provided opportunities for play, growth, and learning during the summer. It also allowed time to form connections and friendships that you would get to form yearly. I have met and made some of the best friendships by attending summer camp, and I look forward to meeting you soon this summer! 

Jacob Lee-Meyers


Jacob LM.heic

During my early adolescence, I found myself ensnared by blissful oblivion. I was surrounded by a caring family and countless friends. Throughout this time, my friends and I adopted some of my still cherished hobbies which include: reading books, playing board games, and playing sports. We would spend each weekend and many afternoons partaking in these activities; the world outside of our bubble was foreign. 

In 2020, my family and I fled from America to Taiwan, in hopes of dodging the worst of COVID. While we did shield ourselves from much of the hardship COVID inflicted upon the world, I was left isolated from my friends. One of my first steps back into reality was City Kid Camp; as a camper, City Kid Camp was a lifeline which helped reconnect me with society. In the following years, I worked to become a ‘Counselor in Training’ and finally a counselor. Working at City Kid Camp helped me establish myself as an individual and it affirmed my goal of becoming a teacher. As an aspiring teacher, City Kid Camp provides an opportunity for me to work with elementary/middle school students. I remain honored to be a part of City Kid Camp; I am excited to help City Kid Camp offer its sanctuary to another group of campers.

Jacob Ryan



HEY guys! My name is Jacob and I have been with SF City Kids since Day 1. I love working with our amazing team and meeting all of you guys. I can’t wait to explore our amazing city by learning, playing, and exploring what the city has to offer. I am so excited to play dodgeball with all of you and all the other games we play.


A fun fact about me is I can juggle a soccer ball while walking.

Emma Christie



Having grown up exploring the woods of New England, playing elaborate games of hide-and-seek with the other neighborhood kids, and never turning down a game of pick up basketball in the driveway, Emma is no stranger to playing the summer away outdoors. Now, a “grown up” and living in the Bay Area, she spends summer camp off-season working as a Garden and Cooking teacher in Berkeley Unified School District. Previous summers, Emma has worked as a counselor at surf camps and farm day camps. When not working, Emma enjoys backpacking, baking, and gardening. 

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