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Our Program

We connect city youth with golden opportunities for outdoor recreation in San Francisco. We’ll be hittin’ the dusty (or paved!) trail on daily field trips around Golden Gate Park, Land’s End, the Presidio, and and all throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Our goal is to empower our kids to embrace their identity as City Kids through group games, sports, and city exploration, all while staying 100% outdoors and away from screens.

100% Outdoors

Safe for 2024, beneficial for life

A healthy lifestyle means an active lifestyle, and we’ll be exploring and playing outside together every day, rain or shine. There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing!

Youth Autonomy

Freedom builds integrity

Our staff have backgrounds in facilitation of recreation, outdoor ed, and sports; but youth choice is paramount. Supervised and safe free play is a core element as it allows kids to grow and explore in their own unique way


Recreating in the City can be safe, too!

San Francisco presents some awesome opportunities for outdoor exploration and fun. The Presidio, Golden Gate Park, Stern Grove, Ocean Beach, and more are all within walking or bus distance of one another. However, learning to navigate our home with awareness and street-smarts takes time and guidance. Our staff brings this experience and combine it with socio-emotional learning and restorative practices to make sure your kids are not only safe, but also learning how to develop their own sense of caution and boundaries.

Empowerment through Learning

Know history, know self; no history, no self!

Understanding the ground we stand on helps develop a strong sense of identity as city kids. Our exploration of our 7x7 playground comes with inherent lessons of humans interacting with one another and their environment.  We’ll explore these Avenues to glean the lessons of awareness, responsibility, and respect for animals, the environment, and each other.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30am-9am: Drop Off, Supervised playground play, board games, arts and crafts

  • 9am: Community Builder Activity

    • Example: Captain's Orders

  • 9:30am: Group expectations + Field trip/day activity overview

    • Example: Stow Lake guidelines around water, interacting w/ public etiquette

  • 9:45am: On the move to field trip location 

  • 10:30am: Arrival at location; Group Game/Daily Download

    • Example: Stow Lake bird identification bingo (egret, mallard, etc.)

  • 11:00am: Youth Choice activity: Group Movement Game OR Interactive Exploration

    • Example: Wall ball dodgeball by log cabin OR Duck feeding

  • 11:30am: Lunch

  • 12:00pm: Supervised explore 

    • Example: Strawberry Hill, Japanese Pagoda, Waterfall​

  • 12:45pm: On the Move back

  • 1:30pm: Counselor-led/Group/Partner/Solo Reflection

  • 1:45pm: Youth choice: Group Movement Games OR Craft activity

    • Example: Freeze tag, Sharks 'n' Minnows, Zombies​ OR Lanyards, dream catchers, journaling

  • 2:30pm: Group Movement game and Supervised playground play during pick-up 

field trip.jpg

Field Trip Locations

All Locations accessible by walking or MUNI

Field Trip Location (Activity Examples)

Fort Miley (capture the flag)

Ocean Beach (snowy plover spotting, sand castles, giant soccer)

Beach Chalet soccer fields (four goal soccer, European handball, long base kickball)

Stow Lake (Scavenger hunt, bird watch Bingo, Pagoda tea party)

EARLY DEPARTURE: Fort Funston (silent hike, driftwood fort building)

Botanical Gardens (Worldwide plant hunt, Redwood Grove mediation)

Park Concourse (stage performances, Academy of Sciences, De Young Tower)

Mountain Lake Park

Hellman Hollow

EARLY DEPARTURE: Fort Point (Thursday free tours, Crissy Field)

Children's Playground

Baker Beach

Julius Kahn Playground

Sutro Baths

Lands End

Sutro Park

Stern Grove

and much more!

Daily Field Trip Schedule finalized and sent out two weeks prior to first day of camp.

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