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If you don't see your question answered below, please feel free to email!

Where is pick-up and drop-off located?

The final answer is pending SF Recreation and Park's permit process, but we are expecting to be at either Hellman's Hollow or the Boat Playground at 43rd Ave and Lincoln Way

What type of training do the counselors receive?

All staff are CPR certified with several years of experience working with youth. Highlights of that experience include but are not limited to: child abuse prevention, restorative practices, de-escalation, and socio-emotional learning.

What will my child be learning?

Our staff's will be looking to teach your camper about the local plants and animals, as well as how humans have affected the entire landscape of San Francisco (both negatively and positively). Youth will be engaged in daily team building activities that develop social skills and we'll be exploring a new corner of San Francisco with a unique story to tell each day.

How will the group get around?

We will be relying upon on our own two feet and, safety willing, public transportation (MUNI)! Using the public transit system can be daunting, but it is an efficient, environmentally friendly, and surprisingly safe method of navigating the city. Empowering youth to know this system and know how to bring safety and awareness while using it is paramount!

Can I sign my child up for 1 week at a time?

While this is the ideal setup, unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions we cannot allow this at this time. Each cohort must maintain the same group of participants without new individuals added each week. We encourage families to sign up for one session at a time and communicate any planned absences.

What kind of Covid-19 protocols are there?

We will be following all safety and health protocols administered by the San Francisco Public Health Department, including wearing masks, utilizing mobile hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, etc. Please email for further questions

Are there lunch or snacks provided?

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to distribute anything other than packaged snacks. As such, we encourage each family to pack their child a full day's worth of lunch and snacks.

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